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Features of School・Location

Features of HESED Foreign Language School

  • Small Group

  • Family-like

  • Convenient


HESED Foreign Language School is located in Nihonbash, which is at the heart of Japan. The school is close to Tokyo station, and transportation is very convenient as it takes less than 40 minutes to get to Chiba, Yokohama, and Saitama. Also, even though the school is located at the very center of city, modest atmosphere of its surroundings make it the best place for foreign students to study.
Address : Belle Maison Hamacho 2F, 37-4, Nihonbashi Hamacho 2-chome, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Tel : 03-6661-7657
FAX : 03-6661-9397


School Facilities

HESED Foreign Language School is the official school which is authorized by Ministry of Justice. Classrooms, study rooms, library, computer room, nursing room, and other rooms for school/vocational guidance are open for all students, and the school offers every support for the students in adapting to their school environment.
Particularly, for students who wish to enter college/university, the school provides opportunities for them to take preparatory courses for our sister schools. Furthermore, for college graduates whose Japanese level reach a certain level, we make it possible for them to get a job in prestigious Japanese companies through interview.
We also have special classes for those who want to simultaneously learn English. Through arranging diverse outdoor events such as Japanese culture excursion, we give students the very place for enjoying both academic and cultural experiences.


We have 10 faculty members including 2 full-time teachers. In the second floor, 3 administrative teachers (staffs) will help students with school life and life in Japan.
Among them, several staffs including one Korean staff, one Chinese staff, two Japanese staffs (one of them in charge of English), and one Vietnamese staff will help students with any difficulty and provide counseling in their home language.

Class Characteristics

Every teacher is in in charge of each class and makes warm and friendly environment for students in the classroom.
The class starts with free-talking conversation, which can help the students improve their conversation skills, and weekend exams at the end of each week and final exams at every semester stir their academic motivation and enhance language skills.

Diverse Extracurricular Activities

Every semester, there are diverse extracurricular activities outside of classroom.
Along with the excursion to Tokyo Disney Land and Fujikyu Highland, two of the most popular Japanese amusement parks, students can experience diverse Japanese cultural activities such as calligraphy, Japanese tea ceremony (also called the Way of Tea), barbecue party, Japanese festivals, and other cultural activities with wearing kimono, a Japanese traditional garment.
Through these outdoor activities, students have opportunities to interact with Japanese people and practice Japanese skills that they have learned in the classroom.
Moreover, it is an opportunity for the students to make Japanese friends through friendly exchanges with Japanese college students.
We also open several speech contests, Chinese character contest, writing contest for students, and every contest has a sizable prize (award) for winners.
A number of scholarships, including EJU scholarship, Japanese government (Monbukagakusho) scholarship, and many other independent scholarships, are available for the enrolled students.

University Admission Consulting

For advanced-level students, we offer college/university preparatory course, graduate school preparatory course, and EJU (general course and math) preparatory course.
Moreover, we offer TOEIC course for students who want to enter public universities and prestigious private colleges.
Also, we provide students with opportunities to hear from our alumni and learn their knowhow regarding admission.
Prestigious colleges/universities include Hitotsubashi University, Yokohama National University, Tokyo Foreign Language University, Chiba University, Waseda University, Meiji University, Ochanomizu University, Keio University, Kwansei Gakuin University, Komazawa University, Doshisha University.
Through one-on-one meeting in the college/university preparatory room, teachers always try their best to guide every student with admission.


In order to help students to live in a safe and convenient place, we introduce them carefully-selected dormitories that are close in distance and affordable.

Part-time Jobs

We have a contract with a number of companies including izakaya, restaurant, hotel, newspaper companies, convenient stores, and etc.
All of our faculty members are making an active effort to lessen the students’ burden.
Also, by offering free Japanese class for part-time job interview, we support all students to pass their interview.
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